Trip to learn traditional navigation

The crew and passengers to the Uto Ni Yalo ready for a day trip to Nukulau Island on Saturday last week. Picture: ATU RASEA

FindingIslands Tours partnered with the Uto Ni Yalo for a one-day trip to Nukulau Island on Sunday.

According to Finding Island Tours manager Kiel Ah Sam, the aim of the trip was to show locals and guests the history of Uto Ni Yalo.

“We have a lot of talanoa that’s going to happen about traditional navigation and sailing,” Mr Ah Sam explained.

“They’re going to teach a little bit of the history about sailing in Fiji and also supporting a trust like the Uto Ni Yalo Trust, which gives back so much to the community in regards to sustainable sea transport, waste management, ocean stewardship, and a lot of community and youth programs.

“We’re happy to support the cause and here to have a great time and show our guests just a little bit of magic that’s here in Suva.”

Nine-year-old Mathias Fong said he was excited to be a part of this trip with his sister, mother and uncle.

“I expect to have a good day out of it and I’m really excited about the activities that we can do,” he said.

Activities for the whole day trip included local cooking shows on the island, live entertainment and hands-on experience of sailing on the Uto Ni Yalo.

Children from the ages of six to 13 also took part in art and craft activities that were organised at the Albert Park Pavilion in Suva.

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