Team to work on discipline

PLAYERS of the Tagimoucia Ranadi women’s 7s team will need to work on their discipline after copping two red cards for allegedly starting a fight.

The team from Nadi will play against Savusavu Women in the final of the women’s competition at the 15th Fiji Bitter Wairiki 7s carnival on Taveuni today.

In pool play, the side topped its pool after beat Southern Sisters 24-0 and won by default over Combine. They lost to Savusavu Women 17-0.

Only the three teams took part in the women’s rugby competition.

Tagimoucia Ranadi captain Torika Lesavua said they could not afford to make mistakes and needed to control their temper on the field.

“With the hot weather, it’s hard to concentrate but I always tell the players to keep calm and read your opponent’s play,” she said.

The team has been taking part in numerous tournaments around Fiji and they hope to win this one.

“Our aim is to win but to achieve that we need to work hard,” Lesavua said.

“We’ve faced a lot for challenges gearing up towards this tournament but we’re grateful for the support given to us.

“As we look forward to the semi-finals and final today, we’re going to try and improve on our passes and tackles.”

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