Home teams through to quarter-finals

Souther Sisters Sereana Ratu on the attack against Tagimocia Ranadi during the Fij Bitter

RAIWASA Taveuni and Naselesele Rams will lead the charge for the home teams when the quarter-finals of the 15th Fiji Bitter Wairiki 7s carnival kicks off today on Taveuni.

They will be joined by last year’s finalists Wardens, Police Blue, Police while, Uluinakau Babaas, DXC Westfield Barbarians and the Lavidi Brothers side from Kadavu.

The Wardens take on Police White, Police Blue will take on Naselesele Rams. Raiwasa Taveuni will face Uluinakau Babaas and DXC Westfield Barbarian will face Lavidi Brothers.

Police Blue manager Sale Tubuna said with top teams such as last year’s champion Tabadamu and Army not participating gave an opportunity for other teams to battle it out.

“Neverthless there are teams that have proven themselves and will be coming in as underdogs,” he said. “All teams are a threat to Police and I have no doubt they will perform to ther best.

“All teams are tough and they have given us a good competition.” In the volleyball men’s semi-finals competition, Suvavou will take on Waica 1 and Dateline will face Waica.

In the women’s competition, Sugar Cove will face Waica and Eagles will take on Welagi.

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