Go get checked; 20 new cases of diabetes recorded at free public outreach program

Members of the medical team at the Rups Naksi carpark during the free medical checkup. Picture: ATU RASEA

More than 20 new cases of diabetes and 40 cases of high blood pressure were recorded by a Diabetes Fiji outreach team at Rups Mall in Nakasi yesterday.

Diabetes Fiji project co-ordinator Viliame Qio said the new cases were recorded just two and a half hours into their free public outreach program.

“We started the checkups at 9.30am and we’ve done more than 100 checkups so far,” Mr Qio said.

“There has been 10 to 15 default cases recorded and these are those diabetes patients that have been missing clinics for quite some time.

“We also detected more than 20 new cases of which they were tested and found to have a very high reading of blood glucose.”

He said the 40 new cases of high blood pressure patients were immediately referred to dieticians and counsellors who were also part of yesterday’s outreach program.

“We are advising the public to please go get checked at your nearest health centres because you don’t know if you might be someone at high risk of diabetes or high blood pressure.

“Our health centres are open and they are doing screening also so please take advantage of that.

“Otherwise after this program here in Nakasi we will be at Nabua Muslim League on Thursday next week and you can join us there.”

The Ministry of Health had earlier stated that 30 per cent of Fijians had diabetes and almost one in three Fijians were diagnosed with the disease.

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