4th October

People | Helen’s nursing heart

The function of nurses may have somewhat changed slightly over the years. However, the pivotal role they play in health care remains evident – they promote healthy lifestyles, educate the public on health issues and...

3rd October

Josese finds his passion

Some believe confidence can take one far in life. That is, when we’re confident, we’d more likely to move forward with dreams and opportunities — not back away from them. That is what Josese Rokotakala Volavola, 21, believes in. Making music is the young lad’s dream and with confidence he is ready to make it...

30th September

People | Embrace culture and diversity

In a world that is experiencing a rise in cultural and ideological conflicts, cultural exchanges could be a way to mend differences and create an insightful society. This is what Kalara Valeicili has believed in since returning from a three-month cultural exchange trip in Bali, Indonesia. The Indonesian province is famous for its picturesque beaches...

29th September

Singing the blues away

At the age of 27 Jedidiah Kalomani Tuinasavusavu is slowly engraving her name in the hearts of local music lovers. Originally from Vaturomulo in the district of Vaturova in Cakaudrove with maternal links to Malake, of Saqani, Cakaudrove, she bagged third place at the recent Fiji Music Comp. This did not come as a surprise...

28th September

Hope for the heart

German pediatric cardiologist, Jascha Kehr, is a hopeful man. His optimism stems from being part of the incredible team involved in recent successful heart surgeries conducted at the Sai Sanjeevani Children’s hospital. Rather than just making referrals for children, a job he is used to, his recent involvement with surgery has also helped him touch...