2023-2024 National Budget | ‘Bring food price down’

Anita Raj at the Nausori market yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

The price of basic food items should be reduced in the 2023-2024 National Budget.

Nausori Municipal Market vendor Anita Raj said this, echoing the sentiments expressed by many Fijians to The Fiji Times this week when asked of what they wanted to see in the upcoming budget.

She said the price of basic food items should be made affordable for low-income earners.

“It must be very hard for families with many children and other relatives living with them,” she said.

Ms Raj said the $200 a fortnight she spent on groceries did not cover everything that she and her family needed.

“I am not able to fill one whole shopping trolley because it would cost us $700 to $800. Buying mutton, lamb chops and lamb shanks is too expensive.

“I plead with the Government to bring the price of food items down at the supermarket.”

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