2022 General Election: SODELPA will not go into coalition with FijiFirst – Koroisavou

Jope Koroisavou. Picture: ATU RASEA/FT FILE

We will not sleep on the same bed with the same people who took us out, says Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) campaign director Jope Koroisavou.

He said this while answering questions from this newspaper regarding any potential FijiFirst party (FFP) and SODELPA coalition after the 2022 General Election.

“I think that the (SODELPA) leader (Viliame Gavoka) has been very clear in saying that anything to do with coalition, we will not compromise the values, principles and the issues that we are fighting for,” Mr Koroisavou said.

“One is the reinstating of Christian principles and values in the governing of our country and two is the indigenous issues and rights.

“So any party that we will go into coalition with, if the coalition is needed, will be a party that stands with us on those principles.”

He said the FFP does not adhere to the principles that SODELPA stood for.

“We are open to dialogue with other parties if it’s needed, but let me be very clear – it will not be FijiFirst.

“Basically just because they do not adhere to the principles that we stand for plus they are the very government that took us out.

“So it will be hypocritical for us to sleep on the same bed with the same people who took us out.

“I think it’s very clear.”

The country goes to the polls on December 14.

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